2018 Fit 4 Life 5k

5k Overall Results

PositionBibNameGun StartFinishGun ElapsedAgeGenderDivision
1761Pastor Levi07:49:22.908:31:39.300:42:16.469M5k
2758Willie Harris07:32:54.408:17:24.400:44:30.071M5k
3784Luke ChildreyV07:32:54.408:18:30.900:45:36.499M5k
4783Lovetta Childrey07:32:54.408:18:34.000:45:39.599F5k
5756Pam Hardin07:32:54.408:20:11.300:47:16.844F5k
6757Tommy Hardin07:32:54.408:20:12.600:47:18.251M5k

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